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1701 W. Legion Drive, Sioux Falls, SD

Post # 15



In Sioux Falls we are know as the American Legion Post #15.  Our Post home is presently located at 1701 W. Legion Drive and our Americanl Legion Post #15 telephone number is (605) 336-3470.  The original post is Sioux Falls was named Harold Mason Post #15 in memory of Harold E. Mason, Corporal in E. Company 58th Infantry, the first Sioux Falls soldier to be killed in action on July 21st, 1918, during the Alsne-Marne offensive in France.
For a number of years the Post met in the old Germania Hall, and after this building was torn down, its meeting places were varied and indefinite until it acquired its own building at 208 W. 9th street in 1939.  This building was used as a club room and meeting hall until increased membership required larger quarters.
In 1942, the building at Dakota Avenue and 9th Street was purchased and leased to the Federal Government for ust as an U.S.O. during the remainder of 1942 and through 1944.  When returned to the Post in 1945, the building was completely remodeled to produce one of the finest Legion homes in the northwest.  This building consisted of a basement and two floors, and was free of debt. 
In September 1945, the Sioux Valley Post #253 was merged witht he Harold Mason Post #15 to charter the present Sioux Falls Post #15.  The Post has been and is financed by maintenance of a Club, Lounge, Bar, and various social events at all times during the year.
The Post supports many activities.  The new Post home at 1701 W. Legion Drive is the result of splendid cooperation by its members and those directly responsible for it being, who are too numerous to mention by name.
That is the history of the amazing American Legion in action in this great State of South Dakota and Sioux Falls Post #15, a Post that has had much involvement in history.
South Dakota American Legion
The South Dakota Department of the American Legion was organized simultaneously with the national organization.  South Dakota Adjutant General William A. Morris named Theodore R. Johnson of Sioux Falls to select a committee of representative ex-service men to attend the first caucus in St Louis, Missouri, May 8-10, 1919.  
After the first national caucus, a temporary South Dakota organization was formed at Vermillion on May 15, 1919 with Theodore R. Johnson as chairman.   The first state convention was held in Sioux Falls on July 14 and 15, 1919.  Myron L. Shade of Mitchell was elected the first Department Commander.  Forty-eight posts had been organized by convention time.  The South Dakota Department now consists of about 260 posts with about 26,000 members. 
The Official activities and interests of the American Legion are in four areas: Rehabilitation, including all aid to veterans; Americanism; Child Welfare; and National Security.  One of the Americanism programs with South Dakota roots is American Legion baseball, now a nationwide program.  It was conceived at the state convention at Milbank in 1925.  Frank Sieh of Aberdeen originated the idea.  A granite monument at Milbank commemorates the formation of Legion Baseball there. 
The South Dakota American Legion Department Headquarters is located in the Codington County courthouse in Watertown.  The South Dakota Legion contributed to the construction cost of that courthouse and thus was granted rent-free space in the courthouse for the life of the building. 

  Date of Charter, July 1, 1919        

 Sioux Falls Post 15 Past Commanders (*= Deceased)





 1918-1919  *James Knewell*  1919-1920  *Art Muchow*
 1920-1921  *DR. G.I. Cottam*  1921-1922  *James Parliman*
 1922-1923  *Henry Mundt*  1923-1924  *Fred Shultz*
 1924-1925  *William Snitkey*  1925-1926  *James C. Mann*
 1926-1927  *Tom Manchester*  1927-1928  *A.L. Bodley*
 1928-1929  *Fred Whitfield*  1929-1930  *Claude Hamilton*
 1930  *Mark McMahon*  1930-1931  *V.W. Widstrand*
 1931-1932  *Ben Stark*  1932-1933  *Geaorge Brochardt*
 1933-1934  *Lawrence Green*  1934-1935  *Dee Richardson*
 1935-1936  *Joe Seubert*  1936  *Al Rabe*
 1936-1937  *Chan Gurny*  1937-1938  *Ben Abel*
 1938-1939  *Sid Wirzbach*  1939-1940  *Hal Ranney*
 1940  *Ernest Hahn*  1940-1941  *Russell Powell*
 1941-1942  *Clarence Akin*  1942-1943  *Dan Dedrick*
 1943-1944  *Roy Burns*  1944-1945  *George Elmen*
 1945  *W.F. Weiss*  1945-1946  *Tom Harkison*
 1946-1947  *C.J. Rufer*  1947-1948  *Doc G.L. Clifton*
 1948-1949  *Gene Pruitt*  1949-1950  *Mike Schrimer*
 1950-1951  *Dale Tuttle*  1951-1952  *W.F. Lenker*
 1952-1953  *Leonard Miller*  1953-1954  *Demming Smith*
 1954-1955  William Clayton  1955-1956  *Robert Reetz*
 1956-1957  *Joe Griffin*  1957-1958  *B.E. McCreedy*
 1958-1959  *Leonard Martinek*  1959-1960  *Roland Wick*
 1960-1961  *Chet Lien*  1961-1962  *Ozzie Zender*
 1962-1963  Jim Kirschman  1963-1964  *Jim Wheeler*
 1964  *Wayne Herreid*  1964-1966  Arlo Lyng
 1966-1967  Al  DeGroot  1967-1968  *Harold Huber*
 1968-1969  *Ken Fladgard*  1969-1970  *Art White*
 1970-1971  *Dale Norstrom*  1971-1972  Robert Brekke
 1972-1973  *Paul Bankson*  1973-1974  *Wally Sorum*
 1974-1975  Jim Haight  1975-1976  Orville Hill
 1976-1977  *Jack Mulkey*  1977-1979  *Bryce Selix*
 1979  *Les Bradberry*  1979-1980  *Ed Brown*
 1980-1981  *Milt Simons*  1981-1982  *Jim Hale*
 1982-1983  *Bob Aschoff*  1983-1984  *Lloyd Tenneboe*
 1984-1985  *Arlen Johnson*  1985-1986  *Ellwood Wilson*
 1986-1988  *Bill Ranney*  1988-1989  *Don Kuck*
 1989-1990  G.D. "Hoot"Gibson  1990-1991  Dorthy Nash
 1991-1992  Vince Maag  1992-1993  *George Havel*
 1993-1994  Elmer Bjotum  1994-1995  Jim Hartsook
 1995-1996  Roger Klos  1996-1997  *Glen Kelly*
 1997-1998  Benny Beiningen  1998-1999  Jim Ellis
 1999-2000  *Harold Aulner*  2000-2001  *Dennis Hirsch*
 2001-2002  Sue Erschens  2002-2003  *Dick Sievert*
 2003-2004  Gene Tornow  2004-2005  *Dennis Hirsch*
 2005-2006  Darwin Wahlert  2006-2007  Richard Cobb
 2007-2008  Rick Towns  2008-2009  Terry Towns
 2009-2010  Curt Pansch  2010-2011  Dave Saunders
 2011-2012  *Thane Johnson*  2012-2014  Ken Teunissen
 2014-2015  Jeff Wilkes  2015-2016  Ed Stringer
 2016-2017  Larry Panning  2017-  Loren Rohrer 


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