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The American Legion Riders Chapter 2  

About Us... 

Since 2006 Legion Riders program has been part of the American Legion nationwide with over 106,000 members strong. We are Legion, Auxiliary, and SONs members who obtain additional membership to be part of this exclusive Legion program. As a diverse group of motorcycle enthusiest, we are well known for our charitable work throughout the Sioux Falls community and state. You will find us riding for charitable causes, riding for patriotism, and fundraising. We have raise hundreds of dollars annually for local veteran programs, veteran organizations, and youth programs supported by the American Legion. We are best known for fundraising in support of the Legacy Scholarship Fund, which ensures higher education for the children of parents who lost their lives post 9/11 while serving our country. 


The American Legion Riders' group is NOT a Motorcycle Club (MC) or Riding Club (RC), and we do NOT practice MC rules or regulations. The American Legion Rider's  are a family-oriented association, as is our parent organization, The American Legion.


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