Post # 15







Fourth Row:  Lee Goldammer, Elwin Unruh, Greg Erickson, Allan Pulscher, Darrell Bolen, Larry Lamp, Evan Hetland, Todd Schmidt, Mike Binger.  Third Row:  Art Wienke, Robert Runyan, Wendell Brenneman, Ken Horter, Doug Hoisington, Derold Espeland, Dick Kallemeyn, director Alan Stanga.  Second Row:  Doug Berkland, Bill Roberts,  Christian Scholl, Len Neugebauer, Claude Krause, JackHamilton, Larry Zikmund, accompanist Katie Thompson, Bruce Naasz.  Front Row:  Bob Johnson, Harold Hanson, Wally Nelson, Ken Stanga, Neal Rinehart, Harvey Jewell, John Hamilton, John Moe


Rehearsals are held at the Legion Post 15, 1700 W. Legion Drive (near north Western Avenue and west Burnside Street) in Sioux Falls on Monday nights at 7:00 P.M.

The Singing Legionnaires perform at area churches, senior living facilities, veteran events, and other special activities throughout the year.

If you would like to hear a sample of our singing, please email Bruce Naasz at and he will send you an audio file for you to listen to.




Bruce Naasz, President (605) 310-6210,

John Hamilton, Vice President (605) 261-3603,

Mike Binger, Secretary (605) 929-4867,

Bruce Naasz, Treasurer  310-6210,

Terry Gullickson, Director (605) 261-0506,